Astrology and Energy Healer ~ Kauakea Winston

Astrology as a Compassion Practice

Astrologer ~ Energy Healer ~ Photographer

I got into astrology in the late 90’s as my former husband, Fodiaba, was a master astrologer. He transitioned in 2008 from cancer and that journey took me inward using astrology in a most profound way. My practice now is a compassion practice, teaching others how to work with natural cycles and learn the archetypes of the zodiac to better understand themselves and those they love. The loss of a great love has deeply impacted my healing practice. I work deeply helping others with grief issues as I continue to heal.


Q Do you offer in person as well as Zoom and phone astrology readings?

Yes, I am located in Honoka’a on the Big island but do Zoom readings all over the world. ????

Q What kind of an astrologer are you?

I am a humanistic astrologer using Western Porphyry house system. I focus on strengths, lessons and finding compassion for oneself and others in my readings.

Q Can I have an energy healing and a astrology reading?

I am often combing the two as knowing the chart and current transits helps tremendously for the energy healing whether in person or distance.