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Life Coaching

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We offer a 3 month program for adults struggling with the craziness that is parenthood.  Our unique virtual coaching program combines the incredible healing power of small group therapy with the education, resources and tools needed to grow the 3 most important relationships in a parent’s life:

  1. Relationship with Yourself (Month 1)                                                                                              Focus:  vulnerabilty, triggers, shame & building shame resistance, self awareness,                self care schedules
  2. Relationship with your Partner (Month 2)                                                                                    Focus: vulnerability w/ your partner, communication – underlying issues, triggers,              non-judgement, differing parenting styles
  3. Relationship with your Child/Children (Month 3)                                                                     Focus: Active listening, building shame resistance, celebrating vulnerability,                          drug/alcohol/sex talks, triggers – theirs and yours

This program is limited to 6 couples per session (open to single parents – your partner is the support person in your life.)