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Saladmaster is an international company dedicated to helping people learn how proper cookware plays an essential role in nutritional cooking and healthy living with the most advanced nutritional cooking system available. 

Simply4Health, LLC is an authorized dealer of Saladmaster run by Gayle Yogi in Hilo, Hawaii. Along with her three daughters, she is passionate about sharing the benefits of Saladmaster to her community and abroad! 

Simply4Health offers in-person and Zoom cooking demonstrations to share the benefits of our cookware. For those that book an in-person demonstration, you are able to taste the story we share and learn important nutritional benefits. There are also Lunch-and-Learn demonstrations and free cooking classes offered to the Saladmaster community. 


Q How does Saladmaster help?

Saladmaster cookware is fabricated from a high quality metal known as 316Ti stainless steel that is produced in the USA. It does not require additional oil or water, assuring maximum nutrition is maintained while cooking.

The Mayo Clinic research shows loss of nutrients over 200 degrees, which is why the Audible Vapo Valve sounds at approximately 187 degrees to alert the cook when the heat is too high.

Saladmaster cookware is recognized and respected in the medical field because of its high performance, durability and maximum resistance to chemical reactions,. This ensures that the food being served to your family contains no metal by-products and has an average nutrition retention of 93%. We are the leaders in this industry and continue to research and develop using the latest technology.

Q How long has Saladmaster been in business?

Saladmaster was established in 1946. Our factory is based in Wisconsin with dealerships located all across the world.

Q How much does Saladmaster cost?

Saladmaster offers several pricing set options that can be customized to your needs and wants. We encourage interested parties to book a demonstration to see the benefits that the cookware can provide for themselves and their households.

Q How do I book a demonstration?

Phone: 808-938-7253
Email: [email protected]
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